Why you choose Sweezz.

You want to quickly divide the class into two or more groups. The first group is taught using the touchscreen, the second group is reading independently and the third group is going to work with you. In short, you do not want to have your touchscreen in front of the whole class.


Pull, turn & teach

Put your touchscreen in any position. Turn smoothly and quickly to left or right, or use the electric height adjustment up to 68cm.


Adaptive teaching 2.0

Get more out of your touchscreen by using it in different ways. See what your students need, split them into groups and make sure your touchscreen is not a distraction.



Do you already have another screen? Then chances are this will work with Sweezz. You don't have to buy a new one. Do you want to be sure? Then please contact your dealer.

Want to know more about sweezz?

Sweezz is a Dutch product with a smooth electric (safe 24 volt) height adjustment of up to 68cm. Sweezz with wall mounting can support up to 130 kg and for weak walls there is a combination wall column.