max. weight touchscreen

70 kg

for weaker walls

combination with wall column ZLG-03

max .weight with wall column

100 kg

gas spring

GV-50, max. weight 60kg
GV-100, max. weight 90kg

smoothly adjustable in height

electric (24 Volt)

max. height adjustment

68 cm

turn left or right

manually (smoothly thanks to mounted parts)


integrated anti-collision

Moving parts

Rotates smoothly and easily, right or left to the desired position. Letting you instantly avoid annoying reflections on your screen.


Integrated anti-collision

The Sweezz motor is ‘push only’. Your screen drops gradually, if there is any resistance the motor goes into neutral.


Also for weak walls

Plasterboard or a partition wall? Then choose a wall column, letting the floor support your Sweezz.

Convert a digital white board on Sweezz into a touchscreen with Sweezz?

This is normally possible with a TS-UNI bracket and a new gas spring. To provide you with the correct information as quickly as possible we ask for a photo of your Sweezz and the details on the motor.

A truly Dutch product!

Conceived and developed in the practice of education and ready to take adaptive teaching a step further. See more of the sweezz below.